We have thouroughly enjoyed the reunions held thus far.  As news of upcoming events are available we will post them here, along with any other pertinent information on happenings, news, and members.

2007 687th Land Clearing Reunion
Pontoon Beach, Ill
June 9th, 10th  2007

Junior Blecher, Chris Tilden, Fred Howard, Don Boxall, Leno Costantino, Doug Eversole, Les Longley, Robert Ische, Robert Bartel, James Miller, Gary LeMasters, Jack Gilkerson
Roy Kuriger, Wayne Gear, Charles Harper, Steve Estepp, James Smith, David Blake
David Young, Larry Sullivan, Danny Perry, Robert Loeffel, Bob Grega, Jack Sefton, George Selby, Charles Boley, Larry Chaney, Larry Ferguson, Tim Breslin, Ron Hamrick, 
not shown: Richard Dropik, Raymond Cross, Dave Stoneking and Bruce Jackson
        2006 Reunion
2005 Reunion: BR:Leno Costantino, Marty Muszynski, Bob Ische, Danny Perry, Charles Harper, Jimmy Topps, Doug Eversole, Martin Gilman, Bob Loeffel, Cay Burge, Bruce Jackson, Junior Belcher, FR: Jim Habe, Wayne Gear, Jack Sefton, Don Boxall, Ron Hamrick, Steve Ault, Les Longley, Elroy Power, David Young.                          Pontoon Beach, IL
Junior Belcher, Steve Estepp, Steve Ault, Charles Boley, Don Linely, Leno Costantino, Doug Eversole, Martin Gilman, Bob Loeffel, Wayne Gear, Jack Gilkerson, Bob Bartel, George Selby, Frank Jones, Tim Breslin, Willie Powers, Les Longley, Bob Grega, Larry Sullivan, Richard Dropik, Jack Sefton, Gordan Hanson, David Young, Clarence Ryals, Don Boxall, Ron Hamrick   not shown: Bob Ische, Denny Altis
  2009   Branson, Missouri